The power of random

I now have a monthly show on LYL radio. Third thursday of the month. 3PM GMT+1. Picking a random batch of vinyl from my collection of all styles and proveniences and walking along with them to find the path that links them to our psyche.
I am enjoying myself very much. Also the radio is operating from the house I lived in for many years so that’s even more amazing.


The power of random


Our artist, friend and human being çağlar tahiroğlu took beautiful photos of us in a non less wonderful venue called Rita plage.


satonay cover

LOST A HOME has been out since march 31st 2017. We’re very proud of it. We worked on it for eons but it was very worth it. Thanks very much to everyone who helped put this project on its feet. We know who you are.

Order it from the S.K records bandcamp page

And jam it here as much as you want:

The wonderfull Lisa Cocrelle also edited a video for the song On est debout.

Check it out here:

Lost a home

So finally the new album is 100% finished now. It will be called LOST A HOME and it was produced and recorded by Daniel O’Sullivan last winter at the GRIM/ MONTEVIDEO in Marseille. It was an amazing experience humanly and musically. We love it and we can wait to share it with you. It will be out on march 2nd on S.K records and we’re taking it on tour after that.

One song was already released on the infamous SOUTERRAINE compilation series.

See you soon on the road.

Carpe Diem


Wow. Another flashback in the olde world.

This is where it all started. This place was what turned us bunch of slackers into possibly better human beings.

It changed a few times and it’s still running today. I rarely go there now for some reason but it’s really one of the last few places left in that part of Lyon.

27 décmbre 2009

Q: vous avez pas mal de projets à côté des Rubiks, et j’aimerais également que vous me donniez les noms de ces autres projets

Andrew: à côté, je fais Duracell, Chewbacca, Ours Bipolaire et… ouais, c’est les trois trucs qui sont pour l’instant capable de jouer en concert, après, les autres trucs, ils restent encore dans le local

Poisson: Je joue dans Ned mais sinon rien de plus qui soit sorti du local… Sinon, j’ai topé de quoi joué un peu de musique traditionnelle turque mais pour l’instant c’est pas montrable…

Radix: Je joue aussi dans Kabu Ki Buddah, avec deux autres personnes, c’est le seul groupe que j’ai avec the Rubiks, c’est largement suffisant. Je fais pas mal de musique chez moi aussi, des trucs plus persos, après, je sais pas si ça verra le jour… un jour.



Jérémy, Aurélien and me just got back from the Caucasus. We had an idea to make a movie there. Some kind of narrative fiction with just images, sound and music. Our first impressions is that we can’t wait to go back. I might sound silly but the friendliness and generosity of the people there as well as the sights and athmospheres is just nothing that we have over here. Thanks to everyone. Too many to name.